Spring is a great time of year to get out of the house and up moving.

It’s also a great time to do the same for your dog. If you’re looking for some fun and pet-friendly activities to get your pup busy, look no further than our list below.

1. Daycare at Pappy’s Pet Lodge

There’s no better way to guarantee your dog will have a blast than bringing them to Pappy’s. Your dog will be able to socialize and play with their four-legged friends all while under the caring supervision of a trained pet technician. You’ll be thrilled with how happy and tired your pup will be afterwards.

2. DIY Agility

If your dog is one smart cookie, take a look at this resource for DIY Agility Courses. This fun activity provides plenty of stimulation for your dog. It’s also a great source of exercise for your dog too!

3. Take them to a dog-friendly restaurant

This activity is a treat for both pet and owner! Bring Fido has a great list of pet friendly places all around the DFW area, for that comprehensive list, visit here.

4. Go for a walk/hike

There’s no better way to get you and your dog moving than by taking them on a hike or walk. There’s plenty of wonderful places around DFW to do just that. Another activity you can do while on the walk is letting your dog to search for the perfect stick!

5. Play with water

If your pup loves water, spring is the perfect time to get the hose or sprinklers out. It makes for easy fun and lots of entertainment. You can always schedule a bath for your dog at Pappy’s afterwards too!

Spring will be here sooner than you think! Be sure to plan ahead by incorporating some fun outdoor activities for your dog. And don’t forget, if you’re planning a vacation during spring to reserve your pet’s spot at Pappy’s!

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