The holidays are a fun time for adults and kids alike.

Halloween, in particular, can be a time to enjoy lots of treats and candy. But this also means there’s a higher risk of your pet getting into something that could potentially be toxic for them. Around the holidays, it’s important to remember dog food safety as your pets can easily become ill from certain Halloween treats. 

Use this article to cover some of the basics of dog food safety and learn some tips for celebrating Halloween with a pet.

Treats to avoid:


Most pet owners know chocolate is a no-no for pups but remember chocolate is toxic for pets. Dark chocolate has the greatest probability of being harmful for your pet.


Raisins and grapes (especially Raisinets) are toxic for dogs and can seriously injure their kidneys! 

Sugar-free treats

A main ingredient in sugar-free treats, xylitol, is unsafe for pets to consume.

High sugar treats (candy corn & caramel)

Candies with a high sugar content, such as candy corn, can cause upset tummies in pets. Extreme cases can even result in pancreatitis.

Candy wrappers

If your pup gets into candy wrappers, a build-up of wrappers can cause intestinal obstructions.

Tips for a pet-approved Halloween:

If your pet is doorbell reactive, you can keep them in a separate room of your home on Halloween. This way the constant doorbell ringing or knocking from trick or treaters causes less stress on your pup. By the way, Pappy’s Pet Lodge also sells Super Snout CBD treats that might help anxious pets! You can also always lodge your pup at Pappy’s for the night and know they’re safe and being cared for by our caring staff.

Bring your pets inside! Dogs left out in the yard during Halloween can get into things that could be harmful to them and cats, especially black cats, can sometimes fall victim to pranksters. 

Check your yard after Halloween. Keep an eye out any candy or items that might have been dropped by treat or trickers. Your dog could end up ill if they find and eat anything leftover from Halloween.

Keep any candy out of reach from your pets! Keep all candy out of reach when handing out to trick or treaters and when inspecting your own treats.

Check all leashes and collars if you choose to take your dog out to trick or treat. It might be best if the dog is walked by an adult too. This ensures your pup has less of a chance of getting spooked and running away!

Make sure your pup has ID tags on! This is good practice always. Microchipping could also mean the difference between finding a lost pup or not.

In case of any emergencies:

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center: (888) 426-4435

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