Dog Grooming Services

Is your dog in need of spa day?

When it’s time for a spa day for your pup, there’s no better place to go than Pappy’s Pet Lodge. We offer a variety of services that will perfectly suit your needs. Whether you need a full groom or just a nail trim, we’re here to help!

Our dog groomers are skilled in breed-specific cuts or even just a shampoo and dry! Baths are time-consuming and often make a mess – let us do the messy work!

Every one of our bath services includes a brush out to keep your pup tangle free. Your dog will come home smelling and looking great with their complimentary bandana or bow.

We’ll ensure your dog is safe and comfortable during the grooming process, even for those dogs that dislike going to the groomers. We work with each dog to their level of comfort.

Our dryers are cool air and the dogs relax in spacious runs. If they are social, they can also play before and after their groom for some added socialization!

With a range of services to fit your desired price range, give us a call to find out more.

Dog Grooming Services include: Full Groom, Shedless Groom, Spa Bath, Standard Bath, Nail Trims, Nail Dremel, Brush Outs, and other a la carte options.

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