Pet Lodging Services

Going on vacation? Have you thought about who will take care of your four-legged family member while you’re away? Whether it’s just for a night or you’re planning an extended stay, there’s no better place for your pup to stay than Pappy’s Pet Lodge. There’s a reason why we’re Award Winning Pet Care!

We know boarding your dog can stressful. We’re here to simplify the process. Scroll down for more information about our boarding services. 

How to make a reservation:

There’s multiple ways to make a reservation with us! We do ask that for boarding services, you make a reservation so we can ensure we have plenty of space available. You’re welcome to call or email specific locations to check availability for the dates you need or you may request a reservation online by clicking here

Please keep in mind, our busiest times are usually during summer and around major holidays. 

Preparing for a reservation:

Some pet parents choose to bring their pets for a trial run before leaving for an extended period. If your dog is social and enjoys other dogs, you’re welcome to bring them by for a day of daycare! This helps your pup familiarize to the scents of the facility, our staff, and gets them excited for your return. We’re always happy to accommodate for pets who prefer to be by themselves too! Just ask a GSR about daylodging.

To learn more about our registration process, visit our Registration Forms page.

What to bring:

We do encourage pet parents bring whatever they think would help make their pets more comfortable while with us! This could be their bed from home, their favorite toys, or a shirt that smells like you.

We also recommend bringing enough of your pet’s food for their entire stay with us. All of our locations have access to a refrigerator so we’re able to accommodate for many different types of pet food. We follow your specific feeding instructions to maintain your pet’s routine. Whether you leave your pet’s food out all day or your pet follows a strict feeding schedule, we’ve got it covered! 

We also proudly offer Fromm at each of our locations if you ever need to buy a bag of food before your pets stay!

If your pet is on medication, bring those with you for their stay with us as well! We accept most medications. Please note, there are some medications we are unable to administer including phenobarbital, insulin, and Panakare Plus Powder. For more information about our prohibited medications, click here

What to expect after:

Pets can react differently after coming home but generally, you can expect your pet to quickly readjust to being back home. Some pets may seem extra tired, especially if they played in daycare while staying with us. Some pets may be thrilled to be back home and give nonstop kisses. However your pets react, rest assured, they were lovingly cared for at Pappy’s Pet Lodge.

Our other pet care services:

Still not sure if lodging is right for your pup? We also offer pet sitting services! If you’d like to learn more about those services, please click here.

Select a location below for accommodations and boarding rates

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