What our people clients say

We know you have an important decision to make when it comes to your beloved pets.  Thank you for considering Pappy’s Pet Lodge for your pet service needs.  It is our hope that our exceptional pet care sets us apart from others.  Although we can explain in depth our love of pets and the quality of care that we provide, there is nothing more telling than all the wonderful praise we receive from our people clients.  Here is just a sampling of what our people clients say about Pappy’s Pet Lodge.  If you would like contact information for clients that will give you their testimony verbally, let us know.

Appreciate the kindness

Peace and blessings to all.  We want you to know how much we appreciated how you handled the situation yesterday with our little buddy, Sirius Black.  We very much appreciate the tenderness, care and concern with which you accommodated our needs.  Keep up the good work and may God bless all of you for your kindness.

Scott and Debbie Immel, parents of  Sirius Black – Roanoke Pappy’s – May 2018

Reliable Safe Care

Our dogs have been attending pappy’s for a few years now. They room together and always come home excited but not anxious, and we can’t describe how much we appreciate reliable safe care for the pups.

Stephanie Sullivan – Roanoke Pappy’s Dec 2016

Always Good

Pappy’s is always good. Our German Shepherd stays here when we go on vacations and she loves it. The staff is friendly and we can tell from the webcams that they’re great with our dog.

Elliot Brown – Rockwall Pappy’s Dec 2016

Highly highly highly recommend

My Rhodesian/Shepherd mix Ollie is a handful…an 80lb handful. He can get pretty bad separation anxiety which makes him extremely cautious of new people and places. After a bad experience with another day care (who put him in solitary because they thought his ridge meant he was being aggressive), I brought him to Pappy’s. He had a few minutes of hesitation when we walked in that first time. Then they gave him treats and he forgot I even existed. Since that first day, we’re weekly regulars. Now, whenever we walk in, whoever is at the front desk knows his name and he’s just as thrilled to see them as he is to go play.

I like they have a webcam so I can check in on him throughout the day, and check I do – probably every 10 minutes. Every time I check, he’s playing, running like a maniac or getting loved on by one of the employees. At the end of the day, I get a report on how he played that day, who he played with and if there were any issues that required him to get a timeout.

I’ve boarded him with them once, and he seemed annoyed I bothered showing up to get him the next day. I’d call that a success. Their grooming services are also extremely reasonable. He can get a full day of daycare, nails drimmeled and a bath for under $45 which is a fantastic deal.

Highly highly highly recommend. Unless you hate dogs. And America.

Joe Flowers – Ollie’s Dad – North Plano Pappy’s 2013 (still current client Dec 2016)

Highly Recommend

Love this place! Very friendly staff, and they take great care of my dog when we are out of town. Highly recommend..

Brandon David – Rockwall Pappy’s Oct 2016

They are wonderful

I love this Pappy’s! My dog is so nervous around other dogs, but we’ve had to take him for daycare a few times and the staff is always so sweet. They are wonderful with my dog and they make me feel comfortable leaving him with them. They’re friendly and accommodating, and being able to check in on him with their webcams is really great.

Savannah H – Addison Pappy’s – Aug 2016

I would give them 10 stars out of 5!!

We had the absolute great pleasure of having Melissa (the assistant manager of Pappys in Roanoke) as our pet sitter for a week while we were out of the country. We have boarded our dogs many places and had multiple pet sitters, and just always felt uneasy and uncomfortable when we left our babies. We have 3 dogs, a bird, and a bunny. Melissa went far more than above and beyond and exceeded our expectations by far. She constantly updated us with pictures, videos, and texting us throughout the day, we had access to her 24/7, she gave our babies so much love and attention, played with them all the time, and even let them all cuddle up with her in bed at night!!! I couldn’t possibly recommend anyone or anything better than pet sitting (especially with Melissa) through the wonderful company of Pappys in Roanoke. If I could rate Pappys and their pet sitting service and Melissa, I would give them 10 stars out of 5!! I highly highly recommend looking into it for when you go out of town. We came home to extremely happy animals, who also fell in love with Melissa!!!

Lindsay Peterson – Roanoke Pappy’s Pet Sitting – July 2016

Great Groomer

Reasonable boarding rates, great groomer. Dog always comes home happy and energetic.

Benjamin Alderson – Chui’s Dad – Roanoke Pappy’s June 2016

So thankful

Pappy’s in Addison has been a saving grace for my pup, Ella. Due to my work, I have days (and sometimes weeks) through the year that I can not be home at an adequate time to let her out. That’s where Pappy’s comes in! They are great dog walkers, and I can call them the day of and they always seem to make it work where she is well taken care of. Hannah and Alina both text me when she is walked, which is such a peace of mind! I’ve utilized them over a year and a half now and have never had an issue! The convenience definitely makes the price worth it, and I am so thankful they are in Addison Circle!

Adrienne R – Mom of Ella – Addison Pappy’s – May 2016

Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else

We have been using Pappy’s Roanoke since 2012. The staff and facilities are fantastic. Always happy to see us come back and we are happy to be there. We have two very large dogs one who thinks he is much smaller than he is but the people at Pappy’s never seem to mind. Our other one is actually very shy but she is always happy to be back. Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Collin Potter – Roanoke Pappy’s – Feb 2016

She always looks so beautiful, feels so soft, & smells so good

harbus-halloweenFirst & foremost – thank you for all you do to keep my Katie happy, healthy, safe, entertained, well trained, & beautiful. Every month when she gets groomed @ Pappy’s on George Bush, she always looks so beautiful, feels so soft, & smells so good in order for us to go the next day to Baylor Hospital to do dog therapy. She is a walking/smiling advertisement for Pappy’s. The patients, their families, & hospital staff all benefit from Katie spreading good cheer to them. They treat her like a rock star – yelling her name when we get off the elevator or walk into the various departments. Every visit to the hospital, we are always asked where Katie was trained, gets groomed, boards, etc. I am always quick to say, “At Pappy’s”.

Second – While Katie & I were in a patient’s room last Friday, the sister of the patient received a phone call from Bonnie @ Pappy’s to update her on her dog who’s boarding @ the Ohio facility. When she got off the phone, the sister said to me, “Isn’t Pappy’s the best place ever?”. Certainly, I agreed with her. I asked her the next time she talks to Bonnie, please tell her that Katie & I said, “hi”.

I just wanted you to know that many of us who trust you & your fine staff to take care of our children really do appreciate all you do.

Best wishes,
Janis H – Mom of Katie, Lucy, & Holly – Richardson Pappy’s customers since 2005



Exceeded Expectations

We are so grateful to have found Mary Hunter! She has been providing in-home training for our recent adoption, Mady, for over 2 months, and it has been a wonderful learning journey!
Mary Hunter, a Dog Trainer and Behaviorist at Pappy’s Pet Lodge , is very knowledgeable about animal behavior, how animals learn, and how to apply positive, force-free training techniques. She provides detailed training notes for each session, frequently including YouTube videos demonstrating the method used for capturing behavior, so that we can understand and continue practicing training.

Mary consistently provides suggestions and ideas for training needs based on Mady’s learning and progression each week, and she is always available for follow-up questions or additional explanations of training techniques and methods employed.

Mary has exceeded our expectations – knowledgeable, dependable, trust-worthy, dedicated and compassionate! We know our little Mady is in excellent hands with one of the best dog trainers/behaviorists in the DFW area!

Thank you, Mary!

Kristina Casanova – Mom of Mady – 2014

Minds Put To Ease

“I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the level of care you are taking for not only our boys but all the dogs! We have been watching on the camera and couldn’t ask for anymore. We were really worried about boarding them for over a week but you guys have put our minds to ease.”

Tammi Christian – Napolean and Duke’s mom – Roanoke Pappy’s – Nov 2014

Zoe races off to daycare

When I dropped her off this morning a woman was dropping off her little dog for the first time. She asked me if Zoe likes it at Pappy’s. We all got a chuckle out of that as Zoe zipped past us all heading to the back and the day care room. The lady commented that it must make me feel good that she likes it so much. Indeed it does.

Thanks again for your great staff and place for our babies to visit.

Libby Actkinson. – Zoe’s mom – Richardson Pappy’s 2013

He was soooooooo happy

Just want to thank you and all your folks who took care of Max last weekend. He was soooooooo happy when we picked him up and I’m so glad we tried your great kennel. Thanks a million. We’ll tell our friends about you and we’ll be back for sure in March if not before! You all are great!!!!!!!

Mrs Murphy – Max’s mom – North Plano Pappy’s 2012

Extremely Pleased

Hi there. I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the recent grooming of our shih-tzu Remington. Remington recently developed a skin allergy, causing her to scratch. That, coupled with the rain and wind, caused Remington to be severely matted. We knew that the hair on her legs and stomach would need to be shaved. However, with it being the middle of winter and extremely cold outside, we were reluctant to have the rest of her body/coat shaved or cut short. We felt it was important that we keep enough length on her body to provide warmth. I think our groomer’s name is Misty. Prior to grooming Remington, Misty called me to confirm my instructions regarding the grooming: shaving the legs and underbody, while leaving some length on the top. She explained that it was standard to attempt to blend the hair cut, to look more natural. She was concerned that we may not like the outcome with the huge disparity between the hair lengths. I let her know we were aware that this would be a transitional haircut and that we would be comfortable with the outcome. However, I was completely blown away when I saw my dog. Misty did such a fantastic job with the cut. Yes the hair on her legs is short, with the top a little longer, BUT she did a great job transitioning and blending on the sides. Now Remington has enough hair on her body to provide warmth, but the offending mats are gone from her legs. With the shorter coat and shaved tummy, the vet was able to provide additional treatment to the areas affected by her allergy (or allergic reaction as they are now considering the culprit.) I wanted to thank our groomer for being so conscientious with her grooming of Remington and for doing such a great job. I am extremely pleased with this outcome and would highly recommend Misty’s work to anyone. She did a great job! Thanks Misty!

Remington’s mom – 2012

So Appreciative

I just want you to know that I had my three babies in today and as always we had an excellent experience.

I don’t know the names of the employees that work in the back – but I see them often when I come in and they are always so cordial to me and kind to my dogs – I don’t want to leave them out ….

I am so appreciative of your staff – they are awesome. I will be boarding them next month and they will be groomed again in the interim – I cannot tell you how much I love that you are there for me and for Selu, Jackson and Lexie.

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you…again and again and again.

Karen Deignan – Mom to Selu, Jackson, Lexie – North Plano Pappy’s 2010

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

I just wanted you all to know that my recent experience at Pappy’s (on Ohio/Plano Parkway) was great! I have two dogs, both adopted from rescue organizations, and one of them has a history of abuse. In 2005 we had to move from here to Maryland and back again within about six months. During this time, we had to board our dogs several times at the vet’s office I used at that time. I don’t quite know what happened there, but one of my dogs became very fearful, even aggressive, snapping at people through crate bars, and even bit me a couple of times. When we finally got back and settled into a house, it took several months but my Roscoe finally settled down into a sweet, lovable, lab/spaniel mix again. I was so afraid to ever board them, but got good recommendations and then made some visits to a few boarding facilities. I am very happy to report that my Roscoe and Rowdy boarded two nights with Pappy’s and came back to me with absolutely no signs of trauma or behavior changes. Your staff was fabulous, reading the rather long bios on both my dogs, promising to monitor them for signs of stress, etc. It is such a relief to know I can leave town and that my dogs are in such good hands. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!

Crystal F – Roscoe and Rowdy’s mom – SW Plano Pappy’s – 2008

What a Positive Experience!

Our two dogs, Toby and Shadow were boarded for the first time ever last week and I have to tell you what a positive experience it was! Your staff is wonderful.

Ann Blackman – Dad of Toby and Shadow – SW Plano Pappy’s 2006

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