South Plano Webcams

Whether you are interested in Pappy’s Pet Lodge or a client with your pet here, our webcams are here for you!  All locations have webcams in daycare, so if your pup participates in playtime you can automatically see them live online during dog daycare hours.  If you upgrade your pet to a webcam run, you are also able to view them in their suite!  To get started viewing the SW Plano webcams, simply select a camera to view. See below the webcam video feed to see our basic daily schedule, as that may help when viewing the cameras. Warning:  Watching pets on webcams can be quiet addictive.

If the cameras do not load, please click here to open the cameras directly.

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While viewing our South Plano webcams, it may help to know our daily schedule. This is our basic schedule. Depending on the location and day, things may vary slightly. Keep in mind, we are always spot checking lodging runs for messes, low water bowls, or administering our extra services like love sessions!

7am: Staff begins clearing out all bowls and bedding for washing. Once all runs are clear of items for washing, outside potty breaks and AM doggie daycare begins. While dogs are outside going potty or in daycare, lodging runs are sterilized and set up with their bed, belongings, food, and water.

11am: Beginning of mid-day outside potty breaks for those dogs that are not in daycare

12:15am: Begin dog daycare outside potty break, if they are playing inside.

1-3pm: Nap time. Daycare dogs eat breakfast at this time to ensure their stomach can rest after eating.

3pm: Begin PM daycare. If daycare is indoors, the pups will go outside to potty first.

3:30pm: Feed PM meals. Daycare pups will enjoy their dinner after play time to ensure their stomach can rest after eating.

5pm: Begin evening potty breaks.

6:15pm: Daycare dogs receive their evening potty break. Dogs either return to their lodging suites or wait for parents to arrive.

7pm: Lights out and bed time! Surprisingly, dogs really do sleep at Pappy’s. They have been so busy playing, watching us provide care, and going outside through the day that they are ready for bed time. After a few minutes with the lights off, the whole building is silent from sleeping puppies.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions or concerns, please give your Pappy’s location a call or send an email below.

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